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How A Father of Ten Made Almost $1,000 in Four Days As A Mystery Shopper...

Discover the Insider Tips, Techniques & Practical ‘HOW TO’s That You Need to Know to Make The Most of


This story ran on ABC news, Thursday, February 6, 2014...

This is where you'd expect me to breathlessly promise that you TOO can make $1000 in the next four days as a mystery shopper.

That's not likely to happen.

Dan, my friend with the 10 kids, has been  mystery shopping for almost ten years.

He told me how he did it and  I took what he told me, scheduled my first two shops for the next day and made $63...  in the next week I made $208.50 doing 10 mystery shops, starting from scratch.


Companies hire mystery shoppers to interact with their employees and report on that experience to the main office.

All employees are on their best behavior when the boss is around.

What happens when the boss is gone?

It will be your job to tell them, among other things...

cleanliness of store and store associates

compliance with company standards relating to service, store appearance, and      grooming/presentation

how long it takes before the mystery shopper is greeted

if or how the employee attempted to close the sale

number of employees/customers in the store on entering

speed of service

the date and time of the pre-visit phone call

the name of the employee(s)

the name of the store on each side of the store visited

the questions asked by the shopper to find a suitable product

 the types of products shown

whether or not the greeting is friendly

 whether the employee invited the shopper to come back to the store 

and much more!

Mystery shopping is the real deal but it takes effort.

Real money is made everyday by normal people...people just like you.

In fact, over $800,000,000 is spent every year by companies that want a view of their company from the outside.


What kinds of companies hire mystery shoppers?

All kinds, including:

Retailers and retail stores

Outlets and discount warehouses

Furniture stores


Fast food chains



Gas stations

Car dealerships

Rental accommodations



Health clubs

Golf courses, sports venues


Conference venues

I've Heard Mystery Shopping
Is A Scam?”

Mystery Shopping is an $800,000,000 industry and as in any business there are dishonest people.  

Here's how (I think) Mystery Shopping such got a bad reputation...

1) News stories of "mystery shoppers" who lost hundreds or even thousands of dollars "shopping" Western Union or any other method of wiring money.

Don't accept checks or wire transfers from anyone who wants you to wire them back and keep some of the money yourself. THAT IS A SCAM.

Classified ads selling a book of companies that "might" hire mystery shoppers.  You already have that book...it's called a phonebook and like phonebooks it's outdated as soon as it rolls off the printing press.

3) News stories of people who did legitimate work of mystery shopping but never got paid for one reason or another.  

The secret to avoiding issue #3 is revealed below...

Here is some feedback from new mystery shoppers...







What Does It Take To Be A
Mystery Shopper?

1. Access to a computer and the internet.  You're reading this so... CHECK!

2. You must be observant.

3. Good reading comprehension to understand your assignment.

4. Good writing skills to fill out the reports.  Most reports are multiple choice but there is

5. Ability to get around.  If mobility is a problem, this is probably not the best opportunity for
    you.  There are some mystery shopping jobs that are done by phone but they get offered
    to or taken quickly by experienced shoppers.

6. Time.  Most mystery shopping jobs can be done around a "regular" job and even on the
     weekends.   But the time requirements won't be a surprise...you'll know the time required
     before you apply for any job.   Note too that  you will be come faster and better as a
     mystery shopper as you get more experience.

SPECIAL NOTE:  There is mystery shopping in other countries but, at this time I have ZERO knowledge of any differences in the process, nor reputable companies in those countries.  Stay on the list and I'll keep you posted when that changes.

How Much Can You Earn As A
Mystery Shopper?

It depends on where you live, how much time you devote to this and the type of jobs you choose.

Typically, fees range from $8 to $100 or even more.

Some jobs will include a reimbursement and/or allow you to keep the merchandise.

Some jobs won't actually require you to buy anything.

Like anything, the longer you do this, the more you'll make and the more job offers you'll get as you become known as a reliable shopper.

Your success as a mystery shopper will depend largely on your reliability and ability to do the jobs and report on them accurately.

Most of the jobs are public and anyone can apply for them, but some jobs are set aside for the best shoppers.

Good shoppers can look forward to personal emails and phone calls offering lucrative jobs.

Set A Goal...

Mystery shopping won't make you rich and it probably won't replace the income from a full-time job but you really don't know the potential in your area until you jump in and start working.

Start with a small monthly goal.

Two $10-$15 jobs a week works out to $80-$120 a month.

That might pay your cell phone or cable TV bill.

It might help you pay off your debts faster.

Whatever $80-$120 would do for you, set that as your first goal.

How fast you actually get paid by the companies varies.  

Some pay in a couple weeks, other pay as far out as 60 days but once you get
money in the pipeline you can look forward to regular payments.

How Can I Be Sure I'm Dealing With Reputable Companies?

That's where the "Mystery Shopping Is Real" program comes in.

There are hundreds of companies that hire mystery shoppers.

Only a handful are enough to keep you busy.

When considering a company you'll want to know...

Do they have a decent number of jobs?
Are they good to deal with?
Are they fair and flexible with their shoppers?
Do they pay quickly?
     and more!

When considering a job you'll want to know...

What is the job really like?
Any reason you shouldn't do it?
Any questions you should ask before you accept the job?
    and more!

More Feedback...





Get All The Facts And Information You Need To Be A Successful Mystery Shopper...

The "Mystery Shopping Is Real" program includes

80+ page PDF outlining EXACTLY how to get a fast start as a
    mystery shopper.

Four hours after I decided to do mystery shopping, I had my first assignment and less than 24 hours later I'd made $63 for two jobs.

An audio version of the "Mystery Shopping Is Real" program so you
    can listen on the go.

Interviews with new AND experienced mystery shoppers.

You'll be nervous on your first few shops and any time you do a new type of shop.  These interviews will help you learn from others experiencing the same feelings.

Access to a SECRET Facebook group of mystery shoppers.  

I started this group to give you the abilty to get fast answers to your questions.  If I don't happen to be near the computer one of the other shoppers may be able to give you a quick answer to your questions.

This is a SECRET group so none of your Facebook friends will know you are in the group. They won't see anything you post there or anything you LIKE....unless, of course, they are also a member of the group.

Not a Facebook member and not willing to join for any reason?

You'll still get...

Lifetime FREE updates.

These will come via email so as long as you stay on the email list you'll get updates which will include...

-Companies and jobs to avoid.

-Policy changes from shopping companies.... i.e. a mystery shopping company just announced they'd be speeding up their payments to get you money in time for the December holidays.

-Anything else that will help you succeed in this business.

Your one time investment in "Mystery Shopping Is Real" is only $67!


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Also, With The Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee, You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose, AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN! 

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Look, this isn't a PDF that you download and forget about two days later.

"Mystery Shopping Is Real" is a growing community that will be with you as long as you need the help, encouragement and support.

Your questions will be answered quickly, whether you are in the Facebook group or not.

In my 30+ years of looking, I've never found anything close to the speed with which you can start earning money as you can with Mystery Shopping.

You won't get rich but the feeling of earning money without having to report to a regualr job is VERY empowering.  

Get that feeling today!

I look forward to your success!



Leo Quinn

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You don't need a Paypal account to invest in this program.  If you don't use Paypal simply look for this link...


After you join you may need to click the RETURN TO MERCHANT link which will take you to the download area immediately.  

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